Urban Adventure

Urban Adventure is an exciting, new destination sports, entertainment and lifestyle experience that is being developed in a number of key international markets across Europe, South East Asia and North America.

Specifically responding to changing consumer demand for more experiential and interactive leisure, Urban Adventure is designed as a modern, vibrant leisure anchor that can help drive substantial footfall for large scale, mixed use developments, retail-leisure destinations, integrated tourism resorts and urban regeneration projects.

Encompassing a variety of adventure and lifestyle oriented activities and aimed at people of all ages, abilities and leisure preferences, Urban Adventure is centred around encouraging people to be active in a fun and inspiring way. With a weather-proof, flexible and non-seasonal offer, Urban Adventure is designed to become one of the most exciting, all year round leisure and activity destinations.

The unique offer and market positioning of Urban Adventure helps support a wide range of government agendas, such as health, wellbeing, sport, education and tourism.