1 Cross-border developer

Helping a cross-border shopping mall developer identify new leisure options

We were approached by a developer and asset management company of large destination shopping centres with a portfolio of established assets in a number of different countries. Whilst each of the centres enjoy leading positions in their respective markets, our client was aware of the changing face of retail with shopping centres increasingly being positioned as retail-leisure destinations – various forms of leisure and entertainment playing increasingly important roles.

Our work involved completing a review of selected real estate assets within our client’s portfolio; this included analysing the local competition and undertaking stakeholder engagement workshops to develop a better understanding of the local markets.

Once complete, using our international knowledge of brands, concepts and potential deal structures, we were then able to make a variety of suggestions to help our client understand how they could go about introducing new forms of leisure and entertainment to its developments – ones that would ultimately help create a point of difference.

2 UK restaurants

Working with a national UK restaurant chain to improve operational efficiencies

Following a management buyout, our client – a well-known, national casual dining restaurant brand in the UK backed by a leading private equity investment fund – needed to identify opportunities for increasing productivity and driving operational efficiencies.

Working with senior management, we helped consider a variety of options for the front-of-house delivery, advised on the redesign of some of the brand’s back-of-house operational systems and processes. We also played a key role in helping introduce and oversee a strategic plan for piloting new forms of industry technology.

3 Leisure market entry

Helping a new leisure brand enter the UK market

Having identified the UK as a key market for growing their business, the owners of an overseas leisure and entertainment concept approached us seeking assistance with planning and implementing their market entry strategy.

As our client had no previous experience of operating in the UK and limited local network, we were able to help them position their approach and provide local market knowledge. In addition, we assisted with evaluating potential sites for locating their centres around the country and facilitated access to our extensive range of industry contacts.

4 Market knowledge

Helping a Middle East developer understand the international leisure market

Seeking to position themselves at the forefront of leisure trends, our client – a large, blue-chip developer with a wide range of mixed use and retail-oriented real estate developments – was keen to understand more about the international market for leisure and entertainment.

Using our market knowledge, we facilitated an interactive workshop for our client’s development and operations teams to help them think wider than standard retail markets. We introduced them to examples of international best practice and innovation – and provided an overview of who’s doing what and where in the world. We provided insight into examples of mixed use developments using traditional leisure concepts, as well as those developers embracing more innovative, on-trend and lifestyle oriented offers.

5 New leisure offers

Helping a developer consider leisure options for a new super-regional mall

Our client was at the concept design stage of developing a new super-regional shopping centre. Our client’s vision was for the centre to become a world-class retail and entertainment destination and, as such, our client wished to consider exciting, new forms of leisure and entertainment.

We undertook a review of the local market (e.g. demographics, population) and analysed both the existing and proposed leisure, entertainment and retail related competition. After developing an in-depth knowledge of the local market, we were able to suggest a wide range of sustainable leisure options that could be considered for the proposed development.

6 Due diligence

Working with a private equity fund on the due diligence of a potential restaurant company acquisition

Our client was a private equity fund bidding to acquire a UK based restaurant company with national operations. With a potential transaction valued at over £100 million, we were asked to support the potential investors with their due diligence of the brand helping identify potential strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities for future development. We also reviewed the trading performance of the existing operations and considered the future financial projections.

7 New concept

Concept development for a new premium leisure and entertainment offer in the Middle East

In late 2015 we were approached by a high profile operator of premium international resorts developing a luxury destination in the UAE. As part of their flagship development they wished to deliver a unique and timeless leisure and entertainment offer for their guests, including specifically children and their families. We have worked with our client and design partners to create the concept vision and underlying business plan.

8 Private equity

Operational review of hospitality portfolio for private equity investor

We were asked a UAE based private equity fund with operations across the GCC region to complete an operational review of a number of their portfolio investments post acquisition. Our work included visiting each of the operations, meeting key members of management, reviewing the existing income and costs bases within the business, benchmarking existing operations against the wider marketplace and considering strategies to help improve operational efficiencies and ultimately future profitability.